Nov 28, 2011

How Enabling AdSense to your Google Site

To add AdSense to your Google Site, just follow these steps:

   1. Click the More actions drop-down menu, and select Manage site.
   2. Click Monetize on the left side of the page.
   3. Click the Monetize this site button.
   4. Create a new AdSense account or use an existing account. Follow the instructions, depending on the radio button you select.

Once you've enabled AdSense, go to any of your site's pages, click Insert, and select AdSense to insert ads within your page. You can also choose to have ads displayed in your global sidebar.

For a list of AdSense specific policies on content, please click here, for Sites, click here.

Note: If your site isn't publicly accessible, you'll see a message that your site can't display targeted ads.

Sep 15, 2011

How to Claim your Technorati Token

I send my sites on the popular social networking sites like Facebook Twitter Delicious Digg and many more are entered in a row for each platform and send your site with ease, but when I tried to send my site I received a Technorati The error code was attacked I was certainly how to solve some of the guys are also looking for a solution on how to apply for Technorati blog here is a simple solution that you need to do a few simple steps.

Step 1

Create a new account to post the information on your site or blog.

Step 2

Copy the code symbol of your e-mail "sent technorati."

Step 3

Create a new message and put your token code technorati inside the post. You can write the same post I wrote.

Cool blog will tell the following steps.

After a successful lawsuit will send you an email like this

"Thank you for submitting your blog for Technorati. We were able to crawl your blog and found the opcode, and the appeal is now pending again."

My Technorati Claim Token: 6BMS6KHESYXG